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Splendid wooden and glass case from an ancient private entomological collection, containing an eurychanta horrida, also known as the thorny stick of the devil, is a species belonging to stick insects, can reach a length of about 12 centimeters in males and about 14 centimeters in females.


The color of the body varies from pale green to brown while the young insects are bright green, these terrestrial insects resemble bark or rotten wood and have numerous small spines on the body and on the hind legs.

Both sexes are wingless and look very similar.

This species is found in Papua New Guinea and can only be found in tropical rain forests.

Eurychanta horrida

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    Dating: XX

     Dimensions: H: 26 cm L: 20 cm W: 6 cm

     Weight: 600 gr

     Material / technique: Glass and wood case

     Provenance: Papua New Guinea

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