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The painting represents a three-quarter side view of a man of indefinite age, presumably from 35 to 45 years old, dressed elegantly with an embroidered jacket and shirt as the fashion of the time proposed, is a probable exponent of the Piedmontese (Italian) patriciate.

It can be deduced that the character of this painting has strong analogies with an oil painting on canvas by an anonymous man, existing in the castle of S. Martino Alfieri, who shows on a mobile card the words "Marchese di Favria".

The two men depicted have the same structure of the face, as well as the nose of the eyes and the eyebrow arch, the same attitude, the same clothing.

These are two people who could have the same area of ​​origin (Canavese) if not even some parental bond.

The painting is for sale with its original wooden frame.

Portrait of a noble man, 1700-750

  • Details

    Dating: 1700-1750

     Author: Unknown

     Dimensions: H: 84 cm L: 68 cm P: 2.5 cm

     Weight: 2 kg

     Material / technique: Oil on canvas

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