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Golden wooden sculpture from the first half of the 18th ca. century, excellent general condition, with high quality gilding and carving.

It is difficult to understand which of the three kings are, the mysterious sages that came from the East according to the Gospel of Matthew were three Kings, but little is known about these mystical figures.

For further clarification we can only refer to the apocryphal gospels, which often contradict each other on the description of the magus to which a given name belongs, the only one we can exclude is Baldassarre, with black skin, but it is difficult to say if he's Melchiorre or Gasparre.

Golden Wise King

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    Datazione: XVII
    Dimensioni: H: 80 cm L: 23 cm P: 20 cm 
    Peso: 10 kg

    Materiale/tecnica: Scultura lignea dorata e policroma

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