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A vintage noh mask representing a young woman, from Osaka, Japan singed "bunraku". 
The mature expression can be seen in the clear eyes, high forehead (not as broad as ko-omote or magojirō), lingering smile, smooth cheeks and pale pink make-up.
The oval outlines of the face and wide-set eyes, thin high eyebrows, and hair style (two loose strands emanating at the part and pulled back above the eyebrows, where three new strands begin to fall down along the side of the cheek and three extra strands loop across the juncture) are almost identical with fushiki zō, a young woman's mask used by the Hōshō school.

The Kanze school owns several fine examples and uses this mask type, documented as being first carved by the master Kawachi Daijō Ieshige (active 1645), for main (shite) roles of young women, particularly in third category "wig" plays, such as Eguchi, Nonomiya, or Izutsu.
Apparently, before Kawachi created the model mask, the Kanze school used the older fukai mask for young women's roles.

dimension: 20,5H, 13,5 L, 4 D cm.
fair condition 
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Wakaonna 若女 signed pottery mask

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