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The wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities, are notable collections of objects and art from all over the world. 
These rooms are ancestors of museums and belonging to collectors and curious who, passionate about the most strange and bizarre art forms, made these rooms crowded of every kind of wonder, starting from the natural world, anso known as Naturalia, and ending with incredible objects, created by the expert hands of artists and artisans also known as Artificialia.

"The first impression you get upon entering a Wunderkammer is to find yourself in a miniature world, an accumulation of objects in such abundance that orientation is impossible.
In fact, neither beginning nor end exists.
However, the visitor is expected to open the cabinets and drawers to examine the contents closely. In this way the sense of wonder is prolonged and increased "

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I proudly consider myself a daughter of art, my family has always been dedicated to the  world of the arts in all its nuances.
Mundi Wunderkammer is my expression and selection of beauty and artistic vision

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