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Curated for You


In my work I had to learn the use of AI, so in my dreams of collecting the bizarre and wonderful,

a huge and unexplored world of imagination has opened up!

Through complex algorithms it's possible to create entire collections of what I like to call -the Uncollectibles-,

because we can see them, admire them but not really own them physically. 

So I opened my mind to the possibility of creating something visually curious but which I have never seen in reality, botanical models of unknown species, impossible dioramas, rare compositions of corals and minerals from other planets, never made paintings and artefacts of a non-existent past.

So I would share some of these objects with you here for the pleasure of seeing and imagining the collection of the Uncollectibles together.

This board is constantly updated, follow us to see the new uncollectibles each week

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