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Splendid man dress with very precious manual embroideries, still preserves the shadow of its original splendor.

An engraving on the golden metal that covers the mother-of-pearl buttons bears the initials E.M. PARIS but this engraving remains a mystery, there are no known historical facts about this acronym, we can only deduce its French manufacture.


Characteristic of the Louis XVI style is to borrow particular ancient art, to rediscover them in their Rococo declination, the man of the 700' is in love with antiquity, however he does not consider it in its pure form.

The male dress after 1770 includes the jerkin, with wide cuffs on the sleeves and pockets, silk fabrics in delicate colors are used and this dress in particular reserves a precious detail, inside a pocket, in perfect condition , a handkerchief of white cloth belonging to the previous owner of this beautiful dress.

The original wooden and padded fabric mannequin is included in the price.

Ancient theatrical dress, Louis XVI style

  • Details

    Date: XVIII - XIX

    The reference values ​​for dimensions and weight are to be understood including the dummy

    Dimensions: H: 157 cm L: 47 cm P: 26 cm

     Weight: 7 kg

    Material / technique: Various fabrics, with mother-of-pearl and gilded metal inserts and wooden dummy and padded fabric

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