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In this splendid stone bas-relief, the Buddha sits on a lotus corolla that floating on the water.


In esoteric Buddhism, the heart of beings is like a closed lotus: the lotus flowers flourish as the virtues of the Buddha develop.

Precisely for this reason in many representations the Buddha is seated on a completely disclosed lotus flower, as in this case.

We can also analyze the mudra of the hands, called Abhaya: this mudra is the gesture of courage, it shows the phase of Buddha's life immediately after the attainment of enlightenment.


The structure makes us suppose that this table was part of a more complex composition of bas-reliefs.


Bar-relief, Buddha in the lotus

420,00 €Price
  • Details

    Dating: XX

     Dimensions: H: 37.5 cm L: 39 cm W: 5.5 cm

     Weight: 6.5 kg

    Material / technique: carved stone

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