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The Kudu antelope populate the wooded areas of eastern and southern Africa.

The major Kudus have a sort of "tuft" on the neck and shoulders and a "mane" along the throat.

The males have horns with one, two or three folds that can be up to half a meter long, they live near the wooded areas and the spots, where they feed on grass and leaves.


The adult specimens are active both day and night.

Usually, these animals form small herds composed of a dozen individuals of the same sex. Its main predators are the lion, the leopard and the spotted hyena.


This particular species is excluded from the CITES lists.

Kudu antelope's horns

  • Details

    Dating: XIX - XX

     The following measurements are intended for a single horn. Dimensions: H: 92cm; Max circumference: 24 cm

     Weight: 1550 gr

    Provenance: Africa

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