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The animals merge with the undergrowth entrusted to a flow of darting lines according to a pictorial tendency of Baroque taste, which reveals Flemish matrices.

Affinities can be seen with some paintings by the painter Frans Snyders, active in the first half of the 17th century also in Milan, Rome, Naples.

The hunting scene takes place in a thick forest at dusk, in the foreground on the left, in a dense bush, we can glimpse a singular beast, with the face similar to that of a crocodile and a fish tail.

The rest of the scene does not seem to pay attention to this creature and unfolds in loose and airy movements.

Hunting scene

  • Details

    Date: XVII

     Author: unknown

     Dimensions: H: 1m 22 cm L: 1m 10 cm W: 5 cm

     Weight: 8 kg

    Material / technique: oil on canvas and wooden frame

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