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This precious piece is engraved with two twin faces, surmounted by a fetish that presents a necklace in original vegetable fiber.

The Bete ethnic group, originally from the Ivory Coast, presents a patriarchal society, whose main livelihood is agriculture.

This population is marked by a profound religiosity and superstitiousness, so much so that the animal sacrifice is still put into practice today. The Bete masks show the influence of the cultures close to them, such as that of the Guro.

Often the masks were intended to instill fear in the enemies, providing magical protection to those who wore them, at the same time, these masks were also used for funeral ceremonies.



Ancient artifact Bete

  • Details

    Dating with IR spectroscopy on the wooden material: 1945 +/- 6

     Dimensions: H: 41cm L: 14 cm W: 7 cm

     Weight: 1105 gr

     Material / technique: wooden sculpture with vegetable fiber insert

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