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This rare item belongs to the masks of the Dan tribe, they are among the most sought after in African art and the international market has placed them in the most precious range.


The impossibility of seeing the wearer's eyes during ceremonies indicates that his belong to the highest ranks in the hierarchy of masks, unlike those with round eyes like its twin in the catalog.


Among many African peoples the mask plays a fundamental role in every moment of human life. It is at the same time a powerful religious, political, social, cultural and economic institution.


As far as politics is concerned, masks are involved in all decisions vital to the community: war and peace, order and justice. No human will can interfere with that of the mask, whose directives are final.

The mask guarantees the social hierarchization: it imposes obedience to the leader, to which however it prevents from becoming a tyrant.

It also watches over the harmony of the village community and ensures the perenniality of knowledge about the secrets of nature and tradition.

Ancient mask of the Dan tribe

  • Details

    Dating with IR spectroscopy on the wooden material: 1953 +/- 6

     Dimensions: H: 43 cm L: 35 cm W: 10 cm


     Material / technique: wooden sculpture with fabric inserts, shells (Cypraea moneta) and thin metal application at the center of the face

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