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This rare item belongs to the masks of the Dan tribe, they are among the most sought after and the international market has placed them in the most precious range.

The possibility of looking into the eyes of those who wear them during ceremonies indicates that they belong to the lowest grades in the hierarchy of masks, unlike those with half-closed eyes like its twin in our catalog.

Among many African peoples the mask plays a fundamental role in every moment of human life. It is at the same time a powerful religious, political, social, cultural and economic institution.

On the economic level the mask constitutes an inalienable collective good, and with its action it guarantees the social stability necessary for the economic development of society.

It intervenes directly on production as a mobilizing element of forces; intervention is required during the preparation of the fields, the construction of dwelling houses and the opening of roads between two or more villages.

Moreover, it is the guardian protector of fauna and flora: when it is believed that there has been a waste, "the mask" intervenes to heal the situation and prohibit the excessive exploitation of natural resources.


Ancient mask of the Dan tribe

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    Dating with IR spectroscopy on the wooden material: 1957 +/- 6

     Dimensions: H: 42cm L: 31cm P: 10cm

     Weight: 1758 gr

     Material / technique: wooden sculpture with fabric inserts, shells (Cypraea moneta) and thin metal application at the center of the face

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