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Pair of carved wooden statues, in polychrome wood, depicting two angels presenting the hook, both sculptures can be dated to the second half of the 1600s.

A real jewel for lovers of the high age and sculptures in particular,

the two works of art, pictured here in detail, are depicted in a vertical position, with harmonious twisting of the trunk and limbs, in a sacral attitude, with a dancing movement of the body and harmonious drapery.


Extraordinary works that preserve the presence of part of their original polychromy;

The remarkable qualitative level of these works can be seen both in the virtuosic poses of the angels and in the analytical rendering of the anatomical and expressive data.

The reclined head and the expression of the look highlight the expression of humility and devotion of these two statues.

Pair of wooden angels, 1600

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    Dating: 1600

    The following measures are intended for the single piece and not for the couple

     Angel No. 1:

     Dimensions: H: 80 cm L: 35 cm P: 25 cm

     Weight: 7 kg

     Angel No. 2:

     Dimensions: H: 77 cm L: 30 cm W: 20 cm

    Weight: 8 kg

    Material / technique: Polychrome wooden sculpture

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