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This rich sculpture was acquired in France under the name of St. Florian of Lorch; he was a veteran of the Roman army and held the position of princeps offici in Cetia, Austria, practicing in secret the Christian religion.

He surrendered to a group of former comrades confessing his faith and, after being interrogated and tortured by the principal Aquilino, he was thrown into the Anesius river with a stone millstone tied around his neck.


Its particular iconography is due to tradition, according to which, San Floriano as a young man extinguished the burning of a house with prayer; according to another similar but different tradition, it would have extinguished a fire using only a bucket of water and for this reason it is considered the patron of firefighters and is invoked against fires and floods.

Very popular in Bavaria and Triveneto, it is the patron saint of Upper Austria and Poland.

Saint Florian, polychrome sculpture

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    Dating: 20th century

    Dimensions: H: 48.5 cm L: 15 cm W: 13 cm

     Weight: 1272 gr

    Material / technique: Polychrome wooden sculpture with metal insert

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