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Saint Francis Xavier was the founder with Ignatius of Loyola and Piero Favre of the Society of Jesus, his life was marked by the exceptional fervor of evangelizer, which led him to take up not only in the American indies, but to be the first missionary to land in Japan .

He died before bringing the knowledge of the Gospel to Chinese soil and his legacy was collected by the Jesuit order.


This work of great executive quality and formal refinement, depicts San Francesco Saverio, in consecrated clothes; he wears a black cassock with a high neck and the typical vestments of the celebrant on it.


The posterior vision reveals the presence of the tonsure, characteristic of the priests.

Outstanding for beauty the face, extremely expressive but drawn and emaciated, as if to symbolize an ascetic life of deprivation, and the gesture, ample and theatrical, as the style of the time wanted, but not without a decision that seems to denote the look of what today we would call "a man of action".


The care given to the folds parties, the collar, (fossil permanence of the oldest gorget), to the thin and aerial camisole; as well as the liveliness of the physiognomy, accentuated by an amazing color scheme that makes the complexion alive and palpitating, denote not only the work of the hand of a high level artist, but also a clientele of high intellectual level and with a high capacity for spending.

The last noticeable attention is the eyes in glass paste that amplify the effect of verisimilitude.

Wooden sculpture of St. Francis Xavier 1715-35

  • Details

    Dating: 1715-35 approx

     Dimensions: H: 70 cm L: 74 cm P: 32 cm

     Weight: 18 kg

     Material: Polychrome sutura in wood and glass paste with grafts of ancient nails and fabric

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