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Stunning polychrome all-round sculpture depicting the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian.


The features, the style and the gilding that remain there take us back hundreds of years, up until the 16th-17th century and tell us about a sculpture that had a prestigious residence, a church or a cathedral, probably in France.


There is very little historical information on San Sebastiano, but the spread of his cult has endured for millennia, and is still very much alive.

Three municipalities in Italy bear his name, and many others venerate him as patron saint.

He was tied to the trunk of a tree, in open country, and darted by some soldiers.

Ancient sculpture of San Sebastiano

  • Details

    Date: XVII

     Dimensions: H: 76 cm L: 39 cm W: 19 cm

     Weight: 10 kg

     Material: wooden polychrome sultura

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