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Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who died at the age of 18, she's described as a beautiful girl, daughter of a king and educated from an early age to the liberal arts.

In 305 a Roman emperor held great celebrations in his honor in Alexandria, Catherine was at the palace in the midst of the festivities, during which pagan rites were celebrated with animal sacrifices.

Catherine refused sacrifices and asked the emperor to recognize Jesus Christ as the redeemer of humanity, arguing her invitation with philosophical depth.

The emperor was struck by both the beauty and the culture of the young noble and he summoned a group of rhetoricians to convince her to honor the pagan gods and asked her to marry.

The rhetoricians not only failed to convert she, but they themselves, through Catherine's eloquence, were converted to Christianity.

The emperor ordered the death penalty of the rhetoricians and after the umpteenth refusal of Catherine condemned her to die with the torture of the cogwheel.


However, the instrument of torture broke and the emperor was forced to have Catherine beheaded, from whom instead of blood gushed milk, a symbol of his purity.


The delicacy of this ancient statue is truly admirable, the fineness of the features of Santa Caterina and the precision of the floral details on her clothes make us understand the high artistic ability of those who made it. The work dating back to the eighteenth century it presents itself in an excellent state of preservation and with exceptional original pigmentations.

Sculpture of Saint Catherine

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    Date: XVIII ca

     Dimensions: H: 63 cm L: 23 cm W: 18 cm

     Weight: 4 kg

     Material: wooden polychrome sculture

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