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Mundi Wunderkammer is pleased to present the "UNDERBRUSH" collection by the Italian artist and scenographer Andrea Bottazzini.
What Andrea says about his collection:
"In my works, the Cabinet of curiosities have always been a powerful source of inspiration.
Incredible collections of Naturalia, objects from nature or Artificialia, works of man's hand made with skilful craftsmanship and mysterious techniques.
The fascination for these particular collections born in the Middle Ages, the passion for natural sciences combined with my training as a set designer, have inspired several of my works over the years to arrive at UNDERBRUSH.
A series of clods, common extracts of the undergrowth created by seeking a personal degree of realism, where nothing is what it seems, where nothing is really natural ... Earth, leaves, roots, mushrooms, worms each element is a copy of reality as it lives in my memories as a curious observer. "

In this 5° piece of the collection we have a clod with mushrooms, roots, leaves.
The base is numbered with a copper seal and sealing wax, all enclosed in a glass dome. 
About the artist:
Andrea Bottazzini was born in Busto Arsizio in 1978. Graduated in scenography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. From 2007 he became assistant of the Set Designer Mauro Radaelli in various advertising productions for Barilla, Ferrero, Coca Cola and many others signed by directors of the caliber of Giuseppe Tornatore, Dario Piana, Luca Miniero, Paolo Genovese, Matteo Pellegrini.
In 2013 he was Assistant Set Designer of the film “Il Capitale Umano” directed by Paolo Virzì.
The scenography signed by Mauro Radaelli will win the David di Donatello.
In addition to being valuable training experiences, they have become ideas for intensifying and deepening the search for detail in one's work which can no longer be limited to the design aspect but must become concrete.
It's for this reason that in 2016 Bottazzini opened an art workshop whose peculiarity lies in preferring a work produced and cared for personally, in every phase.
Resins, paper and wood are just some of the materials that between his 'skilled' hands give shape to environments and characters not only present in nature but also to supernatural creatures, fruit of the imagination and the mixture of different worlds.
A scenographic artistic production begins that specializes in the representation of nature, through a personal realism. Since 2016 his art has been sought several times, especially in the fashion field; Gianfranco Ferré, Valentino, Gianvito Rossi, Etro, Bulgari, Marina Rinaldi, Aquazzurra are some of the main collaborations that he was invited to embellish with the uniqueness of his work, creating productions for the boutiques of Europe, Asia and America. . Alongside these are the set-ups designed for the ESSEDI Orthopedic Center, the numerous collaborations with the Dadomani animation studio and the creation of props and miniatures for commercials such as Nutella, NeN, Bulgari.

Personal exhibitions:
-UNNATURAL CURIOSITIES 2010 (anatomical high-reliefs, at Aliprandi Antichità, Milan)
-SOTTO PELLE 2012 (anatomical high-reliefs, at Aliprandi Antichità, Milan)
-UNDERBRUSH 2019 Fuorisalone (naturalistic reproductions, at Aliprandi Antichità, Milan)
_ULTRA FLOWERS 2021 (CO-author together to the photographers Pietro Baroni and Marco Casino. Photographic exhibition at Leica Galerie Milan)


3.095,00 €Price
  • Details:

    H: 45 cm
    L: 38 cm
    D: 28 cm

    Weight: 6,5kg
    Mixed media

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