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Widespread in daily nutrition, and a source of protein alternative to meat, the egg is such a common object in our homes that we could hardly stop to reflect on its deep symbolic meaning, rooted in all cultures and in all ages, which it brings with it.


As a symbol of fruitfulness and eternal life, the egg is depicted in works of art such as paintings and statues; in Christian art, an egg placed in the hands of the Madonna or Mary Magdalene takes on quite special symbolic aspects which have then symbolically merged into the whole tradition associated with the feast of Easter.


In Alchemy, as "Egg of the Philosophers", the egg is the receptacle of that inner transformation from raw material to philosopher's gold, the so-called Great Work.


Sculpture or curious object?

Beautiful cross between natural and geometric perfection, we only know that these solid wood spheres invite to touch and combine a certain contemplation.

The workmanship of the piece of wood chosen for the harmony of its veins is made in order to bring out the beauty of the natural piece to the maximum, there are not two equal and this makes it a unique and unrepeatable object.


Probably coming from some home colonized by the French to decorate a porch under a staircase with two flights or above some columns.

Egg in solid wood

  • Details

    Dating: XX

     Dimensions: H: 20 cm Circumference: 37 cm

     Weight: 1.2 kg

    Material / technique: polished solid wood egg

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