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Splendid glass and wood case, coming from an ancient private entomological collection and containing two specimens.


On the left a Xylotrupes gideon beetle, the specimens of this breed can reach up to 7 cm in length and the males have two horns that are used in the struggle for mating.

The females, as in this case, do not present any horn and this gives the species a remarkable sexual dysmorphism.


On the right we find a large specimen of Eupatorus gracilicornis, a very showy beetle, the males, as in this case, have four protoracic horns of small-medium size and a showy cefalizo horn.

The elytrons are caramel / light brown in color and cover the membranous wings suitable for flight.

Both specimens are in perfect condition and come from Thailand.

Xylotrupes Gideon & Eupatorus Gracilicornis

  • Details

    Dating: XX

     Dimensions: H: 15 cm L: 25 cm P: 6 cm

     Weight: 460 gr

    Material / technique: Glass and wood case

     Provenance: Thailand

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