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Fetishes, animal sacrifices, potions.

The voodoo religion (although the correct name is "vodu") keeps alive the primitive roots of West Africa, with a theatrical liturgy made up of tribal rhythms, dances and every kind of ritual.

This bottle is part of a ritual of unspecified function. In the voodoo a strict hierarchy exists: at the top, (not at Olympus, but at the head of a rich pantheon) there is Mawu, "the Inaccessible", the supreme God, Uncreated Creator who has no form and does not intervene in the life of men. Then come the Laos, thousands of inferior divinities, mostly forces of nature, supernatural powers, souls of the dead.

Avi, stones and pebbles, trees and forests, wind and rain, are intertwined with the destinies of men, they are their allies or enemies.

Today in the world there are over 50 million voodoo practitioners, the majority of whom living in the African continent. In the territory there are 2 museums dedicated to voodoo practices. One thing is certain: in Africa you can hear noises and air movements not dictated by the wind.


Ritual bottle

  • Details

    Dating: first half of the 20th century

     Dimensions: h. 20cm L: 15 cm W: 7 cm

     Weight: 442 gr

     Material / technique: wooden sculpture with leather and cauri inserts

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