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This specimen of unique beauty belongs to the masks of the Dan tribe. They are among the most sought after and the international market has placed them in the most precious range.

The dark patina serves to protect and embellish them, it is made according to ancient customs by rubbing particular leaves and roots on the wood.

The impossibility of seeing the wearer's eyes during ceremonies indicates his belonging to the highest ranks in the hierarchy of masks, unlike those with round eyes.

In the religious sphere the mask is a genius sent by God to men to ensure the mediation between God, the ancestors and the people.

His intercession is invoked in case of difficulties (diseases, natural scourges, bad harvest) and appears in rites of passage: birth, circumcision, death.

In rare cases, African masks are associated with witchcraft works.

These masks belong to isolated individuals or small secret societies that seek to exploit the occult possibilities of the universe of the supernatural for their own benefit.


Exceptional mask of the Dan tribe

  • Details

    Dating with IR spectroscopy on the wooden material: ca 1985

     Dimensions: H: 35cm L: 17.5cm P: 12cm

     Weight: 1168 gr

     Material / technique: wooden sculpture with dark glossy patina

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