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Beautiful wooden doors carved from the Ivory Coast, a place where the Baoulè, Senoufo and Dan populations expressed their incredible sculptural skills.

The individuals engraved on the right wing are the representations of the owners of the house, represented in the act of welcoming the guest who will come offering him two bowls on their sides. The lower section is instead characterized by a leopard, which has the function of guardian, capable of removing all negativity.

These doors were used to mark the areas of life of important men The wise engraving of wood and white dye make these doors a precious artifact of a civilization with very high artistic qualities.

The wear and tear show how these finely crafted objects have been lived and actually used.

Baoulè entrance doors

  • Details

    Dating: XIX-XX

     Dimensions of left door: H: 136 cm L: 54 cm P: 2 cm

     Right door dimensions: H: 143 cm L: 54 cm P: 2 cm

     Weight of left door: 6 kg

     Right leaf weight: 01 kg

    Material / technique: wooden sculpture

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